Partnering with ChannelRoar

Running social media is a time consuming job, if you don't have a dedicated resource to do it it can be a big distraction during the working day or it just gets neglected. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can give your customers access to our team and let us do all the work...while you take the credit.

We have three schemes to match what ever you business needs.

Our tiered scheme has been set up by Dan Smith who has created award winning partner programs so you can be sure we have the experience and professionalism to represent your company as well as the creative chops to wow your customers.


  • Ongoing revenue share - £25 a month for life of customer

    Simply put us in touch and we’ll do the rest.

  • Monthly payment

    We’ll pay you by Paypal every month for as long as the customer works with us.

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  • Own the customer

    They are your customer, you own the contract and you do the billing.

  • £50 a month margin

    Make a healthy margin on core services.

  • 20% on all additional services

    Most customers take additional services and you will earn 20% on all these as well.

  • We do all the work

    We’ll talk to your customer as your trusted partner.

  • Branded reporting

    We provide you access to reports at any time and provide reports n your branding to your customers.

  • Low commitment

    Just 5 active accounts.

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White Label

  • Fully branded service

    Everything branded and presented as your company.

  • Set your own prices

    You have full control over all your pricing.

  • Your company

    We will set up a dedicated phone number and emails addresses to communicate with your customers.

  • We work as an extension of your business

    We’ll be wearing your company hat when we do the work and when we interact with customer.

  • Post approval

    You have sign off on all content being posted.

  • Access to reporting

    You have full access to reporting and calendars for all your customers.

  • Low commitment

    Just 10 active accounts.

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