Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Get over 80% Open Rates and 50% CTRs Using Facebook Messenger ChatBots*

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

A chatbot is a cool bit of automated messaging programming that uses AI to speak with people, just like they were interacting with another person.

The chatbots are programmed to respond to questions, give answers and then take actions depending on instructions.

The conversation happens in facebook Messenger, just like chatting to a friend. Over 1.3 billion people use messenger every month, so you can have conversations where your customers are already chatting.

*We're not going to say you will get these figures but imagine doubling you open rate or trebling it and having a click through rate of 3-400% better than now.  We've done that for our customers. And as you are keeping the customer inside Facebook your costs are slashed as well.

So why Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

First, your customers are using it, its the third most used app in the world, it goes Facebook, Youtube and then Facebook Messenger.

And customers want to use. Its a top two preferred way to interact with a business. So if you are not using it you are not using what your customer wants.

It super charges you Facebook Marketing, giving you far greater return for your ad spend.  Gain engagement and get more bang for your buck, or pound as we say.

Over 2 billion messages are used every month to businesses.

So are you too late to the party ?

No, right now you have an advantage over the majority of other companies. Out of the 6 million companies that advertise on Facebook, only 300,000 have started to use Facebook Messenger Chatbots so far.

1. Customers or more importantly soon to be customers engage with messenger nearly 4 times as much as email. You are there in the palm of their hands. They respond with a click and you are straight into the conversation. This can be for new customers or your existing lists.

2. You can have an interactive 24/7 sales person waiting to handle enquires around the clock. You can have them answer FAQs. Or you can have them handling customer support queries, imagine freeing up your time and the customer getting the response when they need it, straight away.

3. Qualify customers straight away. The messenger is doing the first qualification call for you, tagging each response so you can report and take action when it's time for a real person to step in.

Interact like a human

Promotions and Competitions

Set meetings and calls


We create a decision tree with a conversational flow so that when someone starts a chat it feels natural and leads through to your desired outcome.

These flows can become very complex very quickly, we can trigger actions based on key words or specific conditions.  This becomes very powerful when presenting the chatter with specific content for their enquiry.  this may be a support or customer services request.  Or it could be providing a very tailored sales response.

The flow can include documents, photos and even video, it can be as detailed as you want.  Typically we build around 40 -50 steps for most customers using the the Facebook Messenger Chatbots linked to their Facebook marketing.

Each action can be tagged so you can report on the different request or profiles of the chatters that you build.

And we can integraet all this with you CRM and marketing automation platforms.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot will act as a member of staff, available 24/7.

It will interact with your customers, it will qualify them for you, it will support them for you and you will have all the data at your finger tips. You will build up a far better picture of your customers, you can even go back and engage with old clients and restart your conversations with them.

So you can win more business, reduce your sales cycle, spend less on acquiring each customer, provide even better support.

And it can be changed and updated at any time, so if you want a special promotion then get the Facebook Messenger Chatbot to work for you.

We provide Facebook Messenger Chatbots for small businesses based in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Bucks, Berks and across the UK.

We can provide messenger bots in different languages depending on your requirements.


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