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Supercharge your Facebook advertising with a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Combining AI and your words the chatbot will be your first line of sales, providing you with qualified leads.
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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - unique content and posts every day for just £300 month

  • Posts every day

    Want to keep your customers interested in your business? You will have fresh engaging posts every day.

  • Optimised for each channel

    Each social media platform requires posts in different formats to get the best audience engagement. We’ll do that for you on every post.

  • Post when your audience is looking

    There is no point in posting when no one is looking. We post at the optimum times to reach the largest audience.

  • Social media strategy for your business

    We’ll work with you to define what you want to achieve and then we will put the plan into action to reach your goals.

  • Weekly promos

    Keep your customers engaged by running weekly promotions, let customers know your extended opening hours and offers.

  • Hashtag research

    Adding hashtags to posts can help you reach new customers. We’ll research the best hashtags for your business.

  • Crafted for your audience

    We work within your brand guidelines to produce fantastic images and brilliant text crafted to engage your audience.

  • Events and campaigns

    Get the message out quickly to your customers, react instantly and let people know what you are doing every day, every week.

  • Detailed reporting

    Keep tabs on user engagement with detailed reports sent you every month, with breakdowns for every social media channel.

  • All done in the UK

    All posts are written by our UK based creative team. We understand your customers and we’ll understand your business.

  • Only £300 month

    Just £300 per month for daily unique content created for your business and posted for you every single day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Money back guarantee

    If you’re are not happy we’ll give you your money back. We are confident that you’ll love our work but if it’s not right for you, you are free.

ChannelRoar is a part of Doogheno, a full service marketing agency.  We provide a full range of digital marketing services from AdWords, Facebook Marketing and Microsoft Marketing through to marketing automation, inbound marketing, content, SEO and more.

To find out what we can do for your business have a look at our services.


I am so pleased that I have engaged the services of Janie and Dan to work on social media marketing to push my company forward. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and commitment to elevating the company via social media and generally getting my brand seen and heard.
I must also thank Janie who I work with most, for her very current ideas and wit when it comes to posts going out, her thoughts and ideas seem limitless. Janie, you have a very accessible and open nature which make you easy to work with.
At this point all I can say is thank you both for all you have done and I look forward to continuing to work with you and to see my business grow from strength to strength.

Another happy customer

Dan Smith is our Commercial Director, he has run sales and marketing in a number of UK companies including start-ups and PLCs for over 20 years. He was recognised by MSP Mentor in their top 250 global experts three years in a row. He is passionate about small business. He has been featured on/in the BBC, Enterprise Nation, amongst others.

“Far too many companies don’t get social media, it’s not a nicety, it is essential, it’s where your customers are and where they are having conversations. We want to bring every company up to a point where their hard work and customer focus is reflected by their presence on line.”

Jane Skuse is our Creative Director, she studied fine art before working in marketing for companies including McVities. She returned to her arts roots with events such as Draw Brixton and Hack the Barbican. Jane is a graduate of the Google Entrepreneur Campus for Mums program.

“It can be hard working out which social media platform is going to be right for your business, and then you have to work out what you are going to post, so knowing that you have it covered leaves you time to focus on your business or to add some wonderful additional posts”

And we are not just a pretty face, all our team are experienced and trained to ensure that we follow best practice at all times as well as being highly creative.

Member of chartered institute of marketing
Hubspot inbound certified
Hootsuite certified

We believe that social media and digital marketing doesn't live in a vacuum.

We are active in the wider business world and feel that we help by making valuable contributions. Here are a few of our recent pieces.

BBC Horizon

BBC Horizon

Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You Now. Exploring AI in healthcare.

Think You Ticked All the Boxes for GDPR? Think Again. Article by Dan Smith

Natwest content live

Nat West

SME Tools: getting the team on board with GDPR.  Advice by Dan Smith

Advice by Dan Smith on chatbot strategy

Digital Marketing

Social media should be just a part of your digital marketing strategy.  On its own it is important to show the world what you do and that you exist, this is essential for managing brand reputation.

Gaining customers from organic social media is hard and it gets harder every year. We will work with you to create campaigns that will produce leads without any additional ad spend but if you really want to harness the power of social media you may have to use paid advertising, such as Facebook adverts. When you are ready we can help you with this. We can create and manage adverts across all social media platforms. And we’ll harness the power of bots to give the best ROI.

We can help you with you whole digital marketing, from strategy to execution.  We can run inbound marketing campaigns, off site SEO, marketing automation, Google Adwords and, well, pretty much everything.

This year we have opened opportunities for our SME clients in companies such as Legal and General, Lidl, the Press Association, Ticketmaster and Vodafone as well as producing many opportunities in smaller companies.

But we say one step at a time, get the basics right and we can then start to build on them.

If you are looking for something more involved than daily posts then schedule a call with one of our team and we will work with you to understand your desired outcomes.  We are happy to work with very clearly defined mutually agreed KPIs.  Our management team come from a target carrying background so they understand the need to produce results.

Drop us a line or schedule a call and we can discuss your objectives.

Not sure you are ready, want to know more, please feel free to ask any questions.

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